Provide a full agency service to help Rowden modernise their marketing and increase student numbers.

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Rowden Atelier - Woodworking School


Rowden Atelier - Woodworking School


2018 to 2019


Provide a full agency service to help Rowden modernise their marketing and increase student numbers.

Rowden Atelier is one of the country’s foremost woodworking and fine furniture making schools.

Founded by the hugely talented and globally recognised furniture maker David Savage, Rowden wanted to grow the reach of their school and attract new students. As always, we relished the chance to work close to home - particularly with such a prestigious and well-recognised North Devon business.

In this case study, we focus on some of the crucial creative elements which helped augment the success of the search engine and advertising based elements of the strategy:

Engaging Video Content

After an encouraging start using some beautiful new images, Roots directed a new video to inspire potential students and capture the special ethos of Rowden.

In this day of restless scrolling, social content needs to be hugely engaging to cut through the noise. Fortunately, Rowden has a wealth of engaging subject matter to draw from.

With the help of some of the students and teachers that make the woodworking hub 'tick', we produced something we were proud to integrate into their social strategy.

Portraying The Real Rowden

The difficulty with promoting a place like Rowden is that it truly has to be seen to be understood. Few who visit the place leave without a strong understanding of just how life changing it can be, but communicating that to a prospective student - perhaps sitting thousands of miles away - is a difficult task!

In conjunction with the new videography at the 'front end' of the process, we set about designing a prospectus document that could clearly communicate what it is to be a student at Rowden. We saw this as an important part of the sales process that follows an initial declaration of interest and you can see a glimpse of the results below.

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