Web Development And I

Web Development And I

Why have I chosen to learn web development?

Musings from our new Apprentice Web Developer – Joe Shine

Basic HTML code
Some basic HTML code and code.

I was first introduced to HTML in my last years of School and even though it is hard to grasp, I loved the sense of achievement when your hard work comes together. I often taught myself through trial and error, playing around with the code until I found what worked.

This enjoyment has led me to become interested in web development as a career path, so I have joined Roots to continuously challenge myself and learn new things.

If you’re also thinking about getting into web development, then here’s a few of my thoughts that might help:

Some positives of coding

  • Becoming reliable in multiple different coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and C# will make you extremely appealing in technical industries.
  • In a world full of Drag and Drop DIY websites, it’s nice to be able to do things properly, and not rely on templates.
  • Coding languages such as Python play a large part in developing apps. Publishing simple apps and games can provide a decent passive income for those who work from home.
  • Learning coding can improve your memory! Because you are stimulating your brain when learning new code, you are boosting your brain power which can lead to a better long-term memory.

What do you need to start?

You need close to nothing to code. Sure, you can purchase expensive software and accessories to help you along the way, but as for simple coding you need the bare minimum. Notepad (that comes with every computer, laptop and phone) will allow you to code. Just get up a tutorial and you’re on your way!

It is always important to remember, like anything it will be hard to begin with, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you crack it!

So less about coding, and more about me!

Chris, Cicero and Joe
Chris, Cicero and Joe

I’m Joe Shine, the new Apprentice Web Developer and am looking forward to getting stuck into some challenging projects.

As is customary with new recruits at Roots, there’s a couple of vital bits of information I need to pass on to you:

  • Favourite Food: Noodles!
  • Favourite Place in North Devon: Northam Burrows

Thanks for reading this and if you need help with your website, be sure to get in touch!

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