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Our web designs balance beauty with expert optimisation for search

So many web design agencies focus only on the beauty of what they can create for a client, leaving the end product to simply disappear in the overwhelming noise of the internet.

As a web design company that also offers professional SEO services to our clients in Bideford and beyond, we know exactly what it takes to create websites that look good, rank well and convert their visitors. Our clients benefit from our combined knowledge of consumer psychology, graphic design principles and Google’s mysterious search algorithm.

Every client contract starts with a face-to-face chat to discover what your business is all about. Once we know what you want your website to achieve – we’ll make it happen.

Our repertoire includes websites for eCommerce, corporate identity ‘hubs’, blogs, information centres and much more. Whatever you need – we’d love to be the ones who make it.

Our services

  • Web design – creating clear, beautiful websites that guide your customer by the hand toward your objective.
  • Web development – clean code, effective SEO strategies and strong content combine to ensure your new website consistently brings in business.
  • Online branding – making sure your online presence catches the eye, with a modern and consistent look.

“I have really enjoyed working with Roots Creative in Bideford – they are professional, efficient, have great ideas and are so supportive of the direction your business is going in! They want to make your business a success and they do it in a such a friendly way! Thanks for making look awesome!”

Natasha “NC” Collins Managing Director, NC Real Estate

Our objectives

  • Present your message to relevant searchers, week in – week out.
  • Encourage those who reach the site to engage with your content – whether buying, enquiring or discussing.
  • Impress your visitors with an attractive, seamless, easy to use site that works — whatever device they are viewing it on.

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Find our web design department on the first floor of 20 Buttgarden Street, Bideford, Devon, EX39 2AU