PPC Preamble

Musings from our new Head of Outreach & PPC – Emily Walton

If it’s executed in the right way, then it’s the shortcut to getting your business to the top of those SERPs, in front of the right customers at the right time. On the other hand, if it’s executed in the wrong way, then you can rack up a hefty budget with nothing to show for it except some questionable search queries & meaningless data.

My favourite thing about PPC?

  • That it is never ending. Whether it be updates from Search Engines, new features to employ, changes in regulations or the results of an AB test – PPC demands you to always stay on the ball to get the best out of your account. It’s logical, data driven but with a flare of creativity.
  • Test things; question what you think you know about your customer base; try a different approach with your keywords. You might find you’re able to tap into a pocket of converting customers who otherwise wouldn’t have come across your site.
  • My least Favourite thing about PPC?

    That it is free to set up & questionably “easy” to start an account. With Search Engines then being particularly evasive on how you can actually drive results. There’s so much potential for so many businesses with PPC, but it requires some dedication to learning best practice, getting to grips with the interface, analysing the data, optimising the account… & as we all know, time is money. This means that PPC accounts are often set up with the best of intentions, then get kicked to the curb for spending too much & driving too little, when all they needed was some TLC from the PPC-Vets.


    Originally from the rural flatlands of Norfolk, I’ve managed to “fluke” my way to living in North Devon. I used to spend the summers of my University years here; surfing, smiling & serving customers at a local pub in Croyde.

    Surfing a private resort in the Maldives

    After celebrating the finishing of my Finance & Economics degree at Newcastle with some travelling, I came back to North Devon to start strengthening my bank account for a move to London. Some months went by & I stumbled across my passion for PPC which I was able to develop & still stay in North Devon. As another summer passed, I realised that my heart was once again stolen, but this time by the scenery & there’s been no going back on my love affair with the area, ever since. Not enough can ever be said for finishing a workday & still having the time, the freedom, to bring out the bicycle for a ride along the estuary, jump in the sea for a surf or simply sitting in the garden as the sun sets.

    • Favourite Food: Fajitas – but it’s got to have all the trimmings.
    • Favourite Place in North Devon: Exmoor, on my bike.

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