Meet Ellie!

Meet Ellie!

Our New Graphic Design Apprentice

An Intro

Despite spending the majority of her childhood running through fields and climbing trees in the North Devon countryside, being born in the technological age meant Ellie watched her fair share of animated shows and, after attending an animation club in primary school, first found her love for art and design.

A few years later and Ellie’s passion had evolved. The world of social media had arisen, leading her to discover a raft of how-to videos on YouTube and the Adobe Creative Cloud. She has since developed her skills by teaching herself the software through practice and online courses. After having a go at everything from video editing to 2D animation, she found her main passion lied within Graphic design and software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Once leaving secondary school and completing her GCSEs, Ellie knew she wanted to pursue a career in design and entered college with the hope of learning more about graphics. However, the reality fell short of her expectations and Ellie found that she was getting very little out of the experience. She was offered a place here at Roots, and hasn’t looked back since.

Learning Fast

Ellie loves the challenge of solving creative problems and the excitement of exploring different options to find the perfect design solution. Making something that meets all the desired requirements is always challenging, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

Ellie has worked diligently on a variety of different project during her first months with us, from photo editing for websites, logo designing, artworking documents and a little bit of Christmas decorating!

Outside Work

Ellie spends her weekends walking her dog, Norman the springer spaniel, through the many woods around North Devon and in her spare time can be commonly found listening to conspiracy theories as well as drawing. She also has a strong love for films and was even once a young ambassador for film club, where she travelled to London to do live interviews with people like Mike Gunton and the Creators of Aardman animations.

Ellie’s settled in really well and we’re excited to see what’s to come as she continues to develop her skills!

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