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Logo Design

"Oh, what's in a name?"

Were the immortal lines sang by Timon in The Lion King, quoting one of Shakespeare's most famous lines.

Well, a lot we can tell you! The name of your organisation and the typefaces, colours and graphics used to represent it will all heavily influence your audience's opinion of your brand - both positively and negatively.

We'll get your business looking modern, professional and established and keep your brand consistent across print and web through great logo design.

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This is how we'll create your professional new logo

In-depth Research

Before we begin any logo or brand design project we always thoroughly research the brands already established within your industry or sector.

We look to pin down any common aesthetics or design trends and the amount and competency of any competition you may face in the market.

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In-depth Research

Initial Concepts

Our talented and super-creative designers take all the information you've provided about your company, add in the results of their market research, balance it against their understanding of today's design sensibilities, mix it around in their special artistic brain and spit out your first round of completely-bespoke logo concepts!

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Initial Concepts

Feedback & Amends

Now it's your turn to help shape your logo. You can leave it to us to recommend colours, photography styles, typefaces or tone of voice or you can get involved and help make sure your new brand really suits you.

When everyone's happy, you'll receive your logo files and brand guidelines in all the formats you'll ever need.

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Feedback & Amends

Any questions? Try our FAQs.

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Got your shiny new logo? Time to show it off!

So, you've got your fantastic new logo and brand guidelines document sitting on your hard drive. It's time to put them to work!

Remember, it's all about consistency; your logo and brand need to look the same wherever they are, whether for print or web.

Questions we are frequently asked about logo design and brand design.

After talking to you about your organisation's specific requirements, we'll provide you with a detailed proposal document outlining all the costs involved.

As every client and business are so different, it's very difficult for us to provide a set fee.

For example, a client that already has a number of hand-drawn concepts for a basic monogram logo and an idea for a colour scheme will likely pay less than a client that would like us to generate half a dozen initial concepts for the logo and it's colours and typefaces.

Similarly, if all you require is a logo in various file formats, your estimate will be lower than an organisation that requires a full and comprehensive brand guidelines document that they can pass to future designers, signmakers and marketeers.

Any format you like! We work with Adobe Creative Cloud and can happy provide you with your finished logo files in all of the most common (and some uncommon!) formats.

We recommend using .AI, .PDF or .EPS files for print projects and .PNGs or .SVGs on the web.

A brand guidelines document is, simply put, a document that demonstrates how to reliably and accurately convey your brand across different mediums.

To put it another way, it shows future designers, signmakers, copywriters, marketeers and social media managers how your logo, colours, typefaces, photography and illustrations should be used consistently for greatest effect.

You'll want one if you plan to market your brand across more than one platform and if it is important that your brand is recognised moving forwards.

Not a problem!

Sometimes clients come to us with an idea for a logo sketched on a piece of paper. They would like sometime to turn it into a modern and fully-functioning logo that they can use in their print marketing or on the web.

We can take your rough concept and, together, develop it digitally into a versatile and fully-coloured logomark.

If it needs a little something to help it reach it's potential, just ask. Our designers will provide that bright spark needed.


Where do we cover?

We're based in Bideford in North Devon but our clients come from far and wide.

We're proud to work with many local, national and international organisations - don't let our beach-side location put you off getting in touch.

Oh and we're masters of the telephone, email and video-conferencing if you can't make it to our meeting room.