Fine Food & Cracking Cocktails – Claytons & The Glasshouse

Fine Food & Cracking Cocktails – Claytons & The Glasshouse

An exciting partnership is brewing here at Roots with us recently starting to work with Barnstaple’s premium restaurant / bar – Claytons & The Glasshouse.

For those of you who are unaware, Claytons Lounge Bar is the downstairs part of the premises, offering great cocktails and a relaxed scene to unwind in. Food-wise there is also an extensive bistro-styled menu offering everything from moules to minute steaks.

Claytons Lounge Bar (& some familiar faces!)

Making your way up the stairs you’ll be met with an open plan restaurant and (fingers crossed) a sea of light, exposing the glass pane roof above from which the name ‘The Glasshouse’ was clearly derived. On food, well this is flocking ground for the real gastronomes amongst us – with a critiqued menu on offer made up of the best produce and ingredients North Devon has to offer.

Roots Creative Glasshouse Restaurant
The Glasshouse

Forgetting the tasty stuff for a bit, we’ve been involved to give this premium establishment the level of custom it deserves, working to establish the restaurant’s reputation and reach both online and off.

So how do you go about achieving that then?

Well to give you a quick breakdown, here are some of the strategies we’ll be looking to adopt over the coming weeks and months…

Night Fever

Everyone enjoys a good night out, from the company to the atmosphere – nothing beats time out with friends & loved ones. We’ve recognised this when conjuring up a strategy for Claytons and have settled on numerous nights running on certain days during the week and into the weekend, where groups of friends & family can come out and enjoy special events / promotions. Below is a list of some of these events / promotions that we will implement:

  • Half price off prosecco every Thursday evening, including free nibbles. #FizzyThursdays is a bit of a hit – if you haven’t been yet, you should!
  • Tasting sessions – both alcohol and food – keep your eyes peeled as we reveal more about this.
  • Promotions and offers on certain food dishes and drinks, all to be confirmed.

If you would be interested in finding out more about what is planned for the future then make sure to like and follow Claytons over Facebook & Instagram – where we’ll be posting updates regularly.

Happy Holidays!

Everyone loves surprises, even more so when they’re on holiday. That’s why Claytons is partnering up with numerous Bed & Breakfast / Hotels in the local area and offering them bespoke flyers to hand out to all their guests – giving them 10% off a meal at Claytons.  

This will be done entirely free of charge to the holder, and allow for a little gift addressed directly from themselves to be made available to their guests on arrival or at a later date.

Of course if you’re a B&B or Hotel that would be interested in partnering up with Claytons on this, then don’t wait for us to come to you, make sure to get in touch via email: or phone: 01237 479233.

Bringing the Buzz

One of the first tasks we’ve set to work on is managing the social media presence of Claytons over both facebook and instagram. We’ve initially concentrated on generating a buzz around the fresh management and excitement that breeds amongst people to a great deal of success. In our first week alone facebook page likes grew by 62% from 1,267 to 2,059.

We’ve also had the very talented photographer Will Reddaway in to help capture the feel of the premises, for us to then distribute out over social media.

Going forward we plan to regularly update both online profiles and set to work on running an effective review campaign targeting those customers who’ve enjoyed their experience to review us on google.

You can check out Claytons on Facebook and Instagram by clicking on and / or searching with the handles below:

   @ClaytonsLoungeBar                   @claytonstheglasshouse


Whilst both ourselves and Claytons are very much forward facing and looking towards the prospects of the future, we both aren’t forgetting the already prominent reputation the establishment holds and the fantastic work Ryan (the previous owner) and his team did.

This has only given us added motivation to kick-on and continue to build on the restaurant’s success – doing the name justice!

We look forward to the partnership growing and prospering to new heights and ultimately hearing feedback from you guys about the experiences you’ve had and hopefully enjoyed.


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