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Digital Marketing Expertise for Exeter

Exeter is a thriving city with hundreds of modern businesses, which makes it the perfect city for a digital marketing agency like Roots Creative to thrive.

We work with clients around Exeter to get them online and turn that online presence into something that works for them. We focus on genuine results because if you grow – we grow.

Exeter’s Expert SEO Agency

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Every year, thousands more consumers choose to use the internet to find the best place to get the item they need or instruct the professional they require.

Every year, it becomes more and more essential that all businesses in Exeter recognise the opportunities that the online world can give them.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has long been the most prominent method of exploiting that online market. Whilst this is changing with the growth of AdWords and Online Reputation Management, the services of a skilled SEO expert are still much sought after.

Here at Roots Creative Exeter, we can provide that expert. What’s more, we offer only the latest and most effective ‘white-hat’ SEO techniques. Unlike too many so-called professionals who offer the service, we don’t peddle techniques from 2010 – when keywords were king. Instead, we offer an holistic SEO solution, which combines on-page optimisation with off-site outreach strategies and reputation-boosting campaigns.

We’re all about search marketing and we know what Google wants a modern website to be. Choose us to be your Exeter SEO consultants and we’ll show you how to get there.

Targeted Online Reputation Management for Exeter

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We use ‘holistic’ to describe our SEO process and the same terminology should apply to all search marketing strategies. No one element should be considered in isolation.

Once you have a web presence, a key aspect becomes ensuring that presence generates clicks – and therefore valuable leads.

This means  developing an online reputation and online reputation management (ORM) is something we specialise in. We offer services designed to enhance your reputation in the right places. We put genuine reviews from your happy clients where they can translate directly to more business.

At our Exeter reputation management offices, our specialist team exists to marshal your happy clients and turn them into your most potent marketing weapon. You work hard on your offline reputation, so why not ensure that translates online?

We offer free consultations to show you where your happy clients can work the best for you and how this can be a cost-effective way of generating more business, long-term.

AdWords Consultants For Exeter Businesses

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Google’s AdWords platform can be an incredibly effective advertising facility.

It is rare in any other advertising opportunity that you can not only tell how many people have seen your advert, but how many have clicked through it, what they did on your website and which ones contacted you as a result.

All of that is true for AdWords and can be achieved by a trained and experienced professional. Whether you’ve tried it yourself or never tried it before, we can help get your campaign up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our aim with any search advertising client is to manage their campaign as effectively as possible to reach the absolute optimum results within their stated budget. That means initial work to establish the campaign in accordance with best practice, then ongoing monitoring, analysis and adjustment to reach that optimal point.

We offer a free AdWords consultation from a company director. We can assess your needs and present you with a strategy that suits you. We look forward to working together soon.

Let us be your roots!

We believe that we offer something unique in Exeter – a truly effective, truly cost-effective search marketing service, delivered by local professionals who are open and transparent about their processes. Let us be your Roots and we’ll help you grow your business to its full potential.

We don’t receive clients at our Exeter office, but you can see where we’re busy working on your behalf below:

Find us at The Stable, 117 Old Tiverton Road, Exeter, EX4 6LD