Digital Advertising’s Newest Player

Digital Advertising’s Newest Player

Spotify’s Ad Studio Beta is launched & Roots Creative were amongst those who have been approved to trial the new advertising platform.

The Background

Spotify is a music streaming service that launched in 2008 & operates as a “freemium” business (basic services are free, while additional features are offered via paid subscriptions).

Spotify makes the bulk of its revenue through 2 means; selling premium streaming subscriptions to users and advertising placements to third parties (yay – that’s where we come in!).

Creating the Ad

This is where the fun starts. We’re able to write our script, with the only constraint being that the ad cannot be longer than 30 seconds. Something to keep in mind is that if your listener wasn’t already distracted (with music on in the background whilst doing something else) then they will get easily distracted whilst the ads are playing – don’t jam pack your ad with too much information.

Have you ever noticed on the Spotify ads that the music is a little irritating? The voices a little pitched? They’re meant to be like that. An ad that blends into the background isn’t an ad that gets listened to, it isn’t an ad that grabs the user & draws them in to listen to your message!

Once you have come up with your script, you can choose your voiceover & give a brief outline of the tone of your ad. For example, we went along the lines of: …convey the FUN for the kids… an upbeat, quite excited tone…. advertise to the parents too … the best message will resonate with them, rather than the kids.

What do you reckon? We were pleased with what arrived back.

The Result

Et voila.. Within 24 hours we had our ad arrive in our inbox to be sent out to our designated audience. There is the option to target through playlists and genre of music, but we focused on age & location in order to reach our most relevant audience – within reasonable reach of our client’s location. Our ads reached 2,482 users which meant our ad was played to 7% of the whole population of the area we targeted.

So What Can Spotify Do For You?

Two words: Cheap. Awareness.

Spotify ads will increase your reach and grow your awareness. But the best thing? The price.

Our ads were played for an average cost of £0.01 per ad, which blows Facebook & Google Ads CPC’s out of the water. Having begun to research other campaign ideas for clients, this seems quite a typical price for the fledgling platform.

But that being said, it is wrong for me to compare these advertising platforms, since Spotify shouldn’t be used as a source for direct sales, like AdWords & Facebook are. Something you won’t gain through Spotify is a high volume of website traffic – so get the idea that this will drive direct sales from your head. It should be considered in the same category of advertising as banner ads / out of home media.

Spotify is an exciting new entrant to the world of Digital Advertising and could be a great way for your businesses to build awareness cost-effectively. Explore Spotify marketing with Roots Creative and find out how we can put Spotify to work for you.

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