“Roots Creative have been great in quickly understanding the brief, creating a website and handling a major public consultation exercise.”

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Red Earth Developments


Red Earth Developments


2019 to today


Create and execute a strategy for the public consultation of the new Brunswick Wharf project.

Red Earth Developments is a company that undertakes urban regeneration projects, while working closely with local communities. The company is run by Chartered Surveyor and experienced developer Simon Friend who has a wealth of experience in the development process, including battling through the planning system and project management of complex construction contracts.

A development close to our hearts

This one has been a bit special for us. Brunswick Wharf is a prominent part of Bideford, the place where Roots was born and continues to operate. We started here almost five years ago, and my father-in-law started his first business in the same place (on the same street!) some forty years ago. We love this town and it’s wonderful to see such positive change on the horizon.

Just one look at the desolate wharf tells you all you need to know right now. This part of Bideford will benefit hugely from an injection of investment and life, and we’ve been proud to play a part in helping to bring that about.

A multi-channel strategy

This project has been all about awareness. Driving public consultation is naturally about making sure everyone in the area knows what’s going on and has a chance to contribute, so we needed to come up with a strategy that could really push awareness within the limitations of the budget set.

Of course, as soon as the ‘ink was drying’ on that strategy - COVID-19 hit! A face-to-face public consultation went out of the window, so the strategy had to go totally digital. Elements we delivered include:

  • Bespoke one-page website detailing the full development details; https://www.brunswickwharf.co.uk
  • Social media set-up and management, majoring on Facebook
  • Full digital advertising campaign, primarily using Facebook as the medium with the widest local reach.
  • SurveyMonkey set-up and integration with the website, allowing for quick collection of consultation submissions and easy analysis of the results.

Here’s what the campaign stats look like:

The tip of the ice-berg

This is just the beginning for Roots Creative and Red Earth Developments! We hope that the development sails through the planning process, and it certainly should - with over 85% of the 266 respondents strongly in support of the development. If / when it does, we’ll be on hand to help promote the developments’ residential and commercial elements over the next few years. We can’t wait to see it as a thriving new hub for our town!

“Roots Creative have been great in quickly understanding the brief, creating a website and handling a major public consultation exercise. I have found them very easy to work with and am delighted with the results.”
Simon Friend, Red Earth Developments