Branding and Bees

Branding and Bees

We’ve been busy bees here at Roots for the last few months putting together a new brand and website for Quince Honey Farm.

We are finally able to show you what we’ve been up to and it’s been a real team effort!


Adele led the rebranding process with the occasional input from our Creative Director Boz. She worked hard to create a modern, yet playful brand that properly encompasses the different aspects of Quince, from the all important honey, to the children’s play area, the shop and cafe, the educational aspects through to the most important bit – the bees themselves!!


Once we had a comprehensive brand that everyone was happy with, it was time to move onto the website. Quince were keen to have a website that was visually appealing, functional, high-performing, efficient and easy to navigate around. eCommerce functionality was essential, with customers from far and wide needing a place to conveniently buy their next honey fix.

Adele worked with input from Chris to create a flat design of the site for development-maestro Chris Hatton to code. We lost him in the matrix for a time, but when Chris emerged we had a bright, visual website to be proud of – including some funky animations…


Adding animations to a website can really bring it to life. From a simple fade in to something a little more complex like the above, they often make the difference between ‘good and ‘really good’. Overlaying animation on a video banner, however, is no mean feat! Chris used a range of techniques, code languages and sheer determination – here’s what he had to say:

The Bee World page was built to be the most aesthetically pleasing page, appealing to both kids and adults. The banners on the Bee World page are one of the biggest features of the website and help bring the page to life! When it came to building the banners I used a tool called ‘Slider Revolution’ that allows you to animate the content. You are able to bring in text and images, scale and rotate them, and then add animations on top.

“I used this process to animate the bees flying across the banner, while hovering upon its anchor point. The problem comes when you view the banner at different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, or mobile viewing for example), because the banner (and the contained objects) has to adjust to suit the screen size. Luckily with a bit of work I was able to get it to adjust seamlessly.”

We are really chuffed with the final result of the website and brand – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Quince and we wish them loads of luck with their big move!

You can check out the live website right here and try some true Devonshire honey right here!

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