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Amber Connell / Roots Team / 10th May 2021
Amber Connell 10th May 2021 Roots Team

The face behind the screen:

My name is Amber, I am 21 years old and have a great passion for all things marketing! Digital Marketing in particular, and being able to interact with a huge range of people through a click of a button (or a tap on the screen) is something that really interests me.

Why I love working in Marketing

I have always found Marketing fascinating, the fact that you are able to send subliminal messages to the human mind without them being consciously aware of it, completely amazes me! Most people are exposed to some sort of strategic marketing every single day. It truly is all around us!

Working for Roots

I have been working for Roots Creative now for just under a month now and have to say that I am completely loving it! The team have been super welcoming and friendly (thanks guys).

I have been focusing on social media management – going behind the scenes of a great social media scheduling tool, planning, creating and scheduling content for one of Roots' clients. This has allowed me to get creative with my ideas and plan ahead of time which is always good!

Navigating the back end of various client websites, including Roots themselves (that’s right I will be uploading my own blog post!), has given me great experience so far and a good sense of achievement, being able to see my blogs live on a website and the tangible changes I've made.

What I would love to learn from working with Roots

I would love to be able gain as much knowledge as possible in all areas of work, from Graphic Design to Website Development so that I can better my skills set and can help as much as possible.

Let us get our social media thriving!

One thing that I would absolutely love to achieve whilst working with Roots is to get our social media really popping! The thought of being able to help Roots grow and reach a wider audience through social media platforms is really motivating. I love that I can be creative as I like with many different ideas - so let’s do this!

What I get up to when I am not on social media

Staying on social media all day would not be healthy, so I do like to get out and explore the world in my free time. I often attend local beach cleans with my younger sister (teaching her young), that it is so important to look after our beautiful planet.

I also love running and have recently just completed my new personal best and ran 13k.

When I am not running for fun, I am running after my 5-month-old puppy (Milo), who is a bit of a cheeky chap, but I still adore him (even when he is running away with my slippers). He currently helps me work from home by typing out emails with his paws!

Amber Connell

Amber Connell / Marketing Executive

As our Social specialist, Amber has firm grasp of all things digital and an incredible passion for marketing. When she's not running campaigns, you'll find her out running with her (very cute) puppy Milo.