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Katie Jennings / Roots Team / 3rd Feb 2021
Katie Jennings 3rd Feb 2021 Roots Team

Some exciting news this week! On Wednesday the 3rd February, Roots is turning 5 years old! It’s crazy to think that half a decade has gone by so quickly, and equally so to think of all the amazing things that we’ve accomplished in that time— a lot of which we never would have imagined possible back in 2016.

To celebrate, we’re running a competition; it’s an opportunity for a start-up/business/charity to win a brand-spanking bespoke new logo design, totally free of charge. But we’ll get to that later. First, let’s look back at the past few years.

The root of Roots

Roots Creative, like all good things, started in the most unexpected of places. Specifically, it started at a kitchen table where two founding directors found themselves at a crossroads. One fresh out of uni and one reaching the end of a long-term marketing role at a local business, we decided we should give it a crack at doing things our way.

We wanted our marketing agency to be for businesses, what real-life roots are for plants.

Namely, a provider of stability and support; an invaluable part of a clients’ growth, through the medium of effective marketing.

We wanted to be the type of agency that would get to know our clients through and through— to understand the roots of each and every organisation we worked with, so we could in turn encourage that growth.

Expanding slowly, and then not so slowly

Soon enough, we brought on our Creative Director, Boz. We started off with small jobs for local clients, slowly but surely building up our portfolio. And as our work grew, so did our business. We found ourselves bringing on new clients, and with them came the need for new staff.

We have expanded from a team of three, to nine or ten - and even brought in another director from Bristol. Our team remains close knit and local, and we’re still based in Buttgarden Street, Bideford, today. But our client base is not!

To date, we have helped over 175 clients from all over the world— from Cornwall to Norfolk, Papua New Guinea to Mexico, from Canada to the UAE. Last year, we brought on our first client that turns over more than £1bn per year(!)

Surviving 2020

With new work opportunities and new faces in the office, our expertise in our field has only grown. We’ve achieved Google Partner status in two key areas of digital marketing, and as well as Sharpspring Partner status, proving our knowledge and skills in Customer Relationship Management.

2020 has come with its own challenges. Working from home was something we never thought we’d have to do once we’d built up our business - and in some ways, it was like going back to the very beginning.

It’s going smoothly: the team has adapted to working from home (for now), and we’ve navigated everything the pandemic has thrown at us (so far!). Still, we can’t wait to get back to business-as-usual in our newly renovated office.

The Roots Ethos

One of the most important aspects of our own marketing and design practice is our ethos. It’s behind everything that we do.

We’re big believers in protecting our planet. After all, without it, there isn’t anything else - not even marketing agencies. So being a green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly business is important to us.

As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to be more careful about the clients that we select. We’re proud to choose to work alongside businesses whose ethos aligns with our own, and who are doing important work for the environment.

Some of these projects include Brunswick Wharf - a new and (very) local building proposal focused on sustainable development. There’s also Best.Energy, a major player in cleantech, providing sustainable solutions to further energy efficiency in every industry. And Livalta, who are fighting for cleaner, more sustainable agricultural business models.

Take a look through our Portfolio and you’ll see this passion for nature, the environment and change is in everything we do and have done.

Win a free logo design

That’s why this competition has just one requirement - that your ethos matches ours. The winning company must be doing something positive for the environment in order to be eligible for the prize.

If that sounds like you, then we’d love to work together - so get involved in the competition for your chance to win! Entering is easy, all you need to do is head to our Facebook or Instagram page, and give the full terms and conditions a quick read.

We’ll be running the competition for two weeks, but don’t procrastinate and forget all about it.

Enter now, and good luck!

Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings / Operations Director

Just like the farm dogs of her childhood, Katie herds our rag tag bunch of specialists into some semblance of order. A key liaison between the agency and our clients.