The Inside Story: COVID-19 and Working From Home

Myles Patterson / Roots Team / 4th Jun 2020
Myles Patterson 4th Jun 2020 Roots Team

Having a job where you can work from home is often thought of as a dream. Due to Covid-19, this dream has become a reality for many— including all of us at Roots. But is working from home really all it’s cracked up to be? Keep on reading to find out our thoughts and how our team is coping with working from home.

Adjusting to the change

Most of us are creatures of habit and enjoy coming into the office, getting on with our daily rituals and spending time with our tight-knit work family. Adjusting to home life is fairly tricky, especially when you are surrounded by distractions such as your real family (the horror!), pets behaving badly and the never-ending urge to raid the fridge for snacks!

But after a few days you learn to work around the distractions and end up slipping back into your usual work routine. However, working from home also makes it difficult to separate work from your personal life. It can be pretty tough to maintain a work-life balance, but it’s all about getting into routines and finding out what works best for you.

What We Are Doing To Stay Sane

Due to the lockdown we are all spending a lot more time in our homes, not able to do a lot of the things we use to take for granted. This can take a toll not just on your physical health, but also on your mental health. It’s really important to keep stimulated and to find activities that make you happy and provide enrichment.

A few ways we have been able to achieve this is with regular video calls, taking online courses to learn something new, teaching our pets new tricks, spending more time cooking and going on walks. We’ve all been getting a good amount of fresh air, taking in the beautiful scenery we are lucky to be surrounded by in North Devon.

covid-19 lockdown walks, hartland
Our Creative Director enjoying the view from his new Hartland home.

Perks & What We Miss

There are a lot of perks that come with working from home such as; saving money through not having to commute, being surrounded with our own things, spending lunch breaks watching Netflix or sunbathing, rustling something gourmet up for lunch instead of popping to the shop and being able to walk around wearing slippers— or even, heaven forbid, socks!

However, there are also many negatives. We really miss not being able to spend time in person with our quirky colleagues that spur us on throughout the day. We miss chatting with our wonderful clients face to face, the exercise we got walking up and down the steep hill to our office, “Sandwich Friday” where we got breakfast from Frasier's Foods in the Pannier Market and most importantly, the lack of communal work-provided tea and biscuits!


It’s definitely been an interesting experience working from home. However, we are all looking forward to when we’ll be able to return to the office. And let’s be honest, we are certainly not going to miss how awkward video calls tend to be with the small talk when you are waiting for someone to join, dodgy WiFi delays, frustrating background noises, unwelcome interruptions from pets or children, freezing in unflattering positions and the irresistible urge to wave goodbye at the end of a call...

Myles Patterson

Myles Patterson / Outreach & PPC

Myles is well-rounded in many aspects of digital marketing and an all-round nice guy! He handles our Pay Per Click accounts with as much love and attention as he gives his beloved cats (i.e. a lot).