Why you should use a CRM platform to manage your sales leads…

Emily Walton / Marketing Insights / 21st Jun 2019
Emily Walton 21st Jun 2019 Marketing Insights

Every business - big or small - depends on leads (read “potential customers”) and for businesses to grow, leads must be converted into actual customers. As you can imagine it is therefore very important that companies manage these leads effectively. A great way to do this can be through customer relationship management with a capital C, R and M!

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology used to manage interactions with potential customers.

Why is it important when managing sales leads?

In today’s marketing landscape we are exposed to such a huge amount of online advertising that much of it can go unnoticed and simply become background noise. In order to make people feel valued it is important to provide a more personalised experience. By collecting and storing data, CRMs can form a profile of your potential customers, allowing a more targeted marketing message. If we know more about our leads, we know more about how to convert these into actual customers by showing them the most relevant and effective advertising content for them.

The sort of data that CRM collects might be an email address, a social media profile, the company they are representing, and much more. It can also collect recent news about a company or individuals’ activity, and it can store details such as a client's personal preferences on communications. A CRM system will securely store all this information giving users a complete record of individuals and companies and allowing you to better understand your relationship over time.

Taking it to the next level

Whilst a good CRM is a good starting point, it is also possible to take lead management a step further and embrace a fully integrated marketing and sales systems to ensure that we are exploiting all our leads to their full potential!

Systems like Lead Forensics and SharpSpring (which we use) not only allow for better management of leads, but more importantly allow us to assess the quality of all potential online leads. Imagine a scenario where you’ve set up a brand-new website at significant cost, with the aim of promoting your business. You have a “contact us” page, but no CRM software to analyse the online traffic you are receiving. Studies have shown that only 2% of visitors to a website follow through and contact the owner, and if they don’t make contact, you don’t know who they are!

Now imagine you are running a marketing and sales system like SharpSpring. Suddenly you have access to a wealth of analysis and data regarding every single website visitor. SharpSpring offers a more in-depth analysis of your leads, allows you to assess their quality based on factors such as how many times they have clicked a certain link and decide which leads to pursue and nurture.

For example, you may see that one user has visited the website several times over the last week and has been looking at prices or availability. You might also see that they have visited other competitor websites on their way to landing on you. This would indicate that this individual is serious about doing business, in contrast to a visitor who has briefly browsed the home page, allowing you to focus marketing attempts and hopefully secure a sale.

Further to this, SharpSpring can fully customise what a potential customer sees when they access your website based on your previous web history and activity on certain webpages. For example, if you were the owner of a pop-up bar and a website visitor had previously shown an interest in wedding bookings, SharpSpring would customise your website landing page to suit them and direct them towards the wedding section of the website. Impressive!

If you’d like to learn more or need help to integrate a cutting-edge CRM with your organisation’s website and sales team, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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