Marwood Creations: handcrafted trees, putting the environment first!

Amber Connell / Client Feature / 5th Jul 2021
Amber Connell 5th Jul 2021 Client Feature

Here at Roots it’s no secret that we take pride in looking to work with businesses that look after the world and Marwood Creations definitely makes the list!

Not your average Christmas Tree

Marwood Creations make use of the things that others don’t want. The base of their trees are all hand made from unwanted fallen trees and the branches are made from driftwood collected on North Devon shorelines and bamboo. Not only do they make a great addition to your home for Christmas (and all year) - they will last a lifetime!

The inspirational maker

Nature, beaches and sunshine are her three favourite things. Jo, the creator of Marwood Creations is doing such an incredible job in helping our already fragile environment.

Jo’s marvelous trees are thoughtfully engineered and sturdy and she puts in great attention to detail.

Living in North Devon we are surrounded by wild, breath-taking scenery and golden beaches - Jo has seen this as a creative opportunity to really do something great for not only our planet but our living rooms!

All the driftwood has been collected by Jo and her family during walks along our incredible North Devon beaches, litter picked as they go!

Our work with Marwood Creations:

Since the start of the year we have been working hard with Jo to craft a brand and logo to support this great new venture. We’ve also created a lovely new eCommerce website so that Jo can showcase her beautifully packaged, handcrafted trees and sell them online.

Working with Marwood Creations has been super inspiring for us to have a more sustainable Christmas this year, now you can as well. Take a look on their new website for more details!

Amber Connell

Amber Connell / Marketing Executive

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