Bideford Search Marketing

We’re Bideford’s Friendly Local Digital Marketing Agency

From our offices in North Devon’s “Little White Town”, we offer a range of search marketing services and packages designed to support local businesses in Bideford – whatever industry, size or budget.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, small trader or regional business, you can pop up to just beyond the Pannier market and visit us for a free consultation.

We can assist with all three key aspects of Search Engine Marketing (AdWords, SEO and Reputation Management), as well as Web Design and Graphic Design:

Opening Up New Lead Sources for Your Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO comparison graph - Roots Creative on top for Bideford
Our site is better optimised than any other North Devon SEO Agency or Consultant

SEO is not the magical, dark-art that some of its proponents like to pretend it is. It is a science, driven by algorithms that can be satisfied by those who know what they require.

As an SEO agency, we take pride in providing a service which is genuinely effective. We offer tangible, measurable and consistent results. We operate based on a clear understanding of your business and your objectives.

Our SEO strategy is sustainable and we don’t rely on black-hat or outdated methods that may provide flash in the pan results, but damage your web presence irreparably. We offer bespoke solutions for businesses across Bideford that focus on building a positive brand around your company and your website.

We also offer considerable expertise in on-site optimisation, analytics and conversion rate improvement. Our team are veteran SEO consultants, with more than 800 optimised websites under their belts. We’re happy to discuss your requirements directly, at no charge.

Targeted Online Reputation Management

online reputation management for Bideford - flower header
Those gold stars seen next to business listings can make all the difference.

The days of finding a local service provider by trawling the high street or flipping through the Yellow Pages are all but gone.

In their stead, at least 81% of consumers now search online before making a typical purchase. 67% of those pay close attention to online reviews. So if you are a Bideford business not utilising your happy clients as one of your most valuable assets – then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of business.

At our Roots Creative Bideford offices, we have a team whose core purpose is to martial your happy clients and turn them into positive exposure for your brand online. The benefits are not just to PR either, reviews in the right place can turn certain items of marketing you will already have from useful peripheral assets to valuable lead generators.

AdWords Campaign Management

adwords example layout - we help companies compete in Bideford
Everyone else is using it, shouldn’t you be?

As marketers, we strive to find opportunities to put our clients’ details in front of consumers ‘at the point of need‘. There’s no better opportunity to do this than when a consumer has actively searched for a product or local service provider.

That’s where AdWords truly comes into its own. In our opinion, it has a part to play in almost every company’s marketing portfolio.

We are Google Certified AdWords advisors, with extensive training and experience. We offer our clients in Bideford and across North Devon the opportunity to benefit from professionally created campaigns, effectively written adverts and carefully selected keyword targeting. The result is a better return on investment.

As with our SEO service, we offer a clear system of communication and reporting to ensure that you always know how your campaign is progressing. You can even pop into our offices near Bideford Pannier market for an update.

Let us be your roots!

Roots nourish the plant above and we offer the same for our clients. Let us feed your business with new leads and watch your company grow.

Come have a coffee with us!

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