British Energy Saving Technology

British Energy Saving Technology

Global leaders in energy-efficiency

Over the last few months, we at Roots have been proud to work with British Energy Saving Technology (BEST), a Cornwall-based cleantech firm operating at the very forefront of the global fight against Climate Change. BEST boast more than 100 partners in over 50 countries, across every continent of the world – each one working hard to improve the efficiency of buildings in their local area.

Working closely with BEST’s senior management team, we’ve been able to bring to bear all of the diverse skills of our dynamic team to help push their message further into the world – creating new campaigns and marketing materials to forge new links with established blue-chip corporations.

Below, we look at one of many examples of the work we’ve done with British Energy Saving technology in recent weeks and months…

Cracking The Facilities Management Market

Most of the larger buildings in this country aren’t managed by their owners. Instead, the day-to-day running, maintenance and development of these structures is left to a Facilities Management (FM) company. In a world of increasing eco-responsibility and awareness of global issues like Climate Change, there is a big push to improve the efficiency of these buildings – a responsibility which falls to the FM in each case.

We have been working with BEST to craft a core proposition to take to this market, introducing ‘Eniscope’ – the world’s most complete energy-management platform. In practical terms, this was summed up best by the work we did in preparation for the Facilities Show, London 2017. Having crafted the perfect message for this particular market, we were tasked with putting together a new ‘corporate brochure’, to work alongside new flyers and roller banners.

Prospectus - BEST
British Energy Saving Technology - FM Brochure

The result of this campaign was an impressive 45 corporate leads from the Trade Show, including some of the largest FM players in the world from as far away as Brazil! With our marketing bringing them to the stand, and the BEST team demonstrating the power of their products, we formed an effective team on the day.

It has been a pleasure to work with a company doing such good work in the world, and a source of pride for us to be associated with a company that works regularly with the likes of Toyota, IBM, KFC and 7-Eleven amongst many others.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with BEST and to many years of successful collaboration.

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