About us

There’s a reason we called our company ‘Roots’.

It’s an analogy that we’ve always liked. Roots provide their tree with stability and with nourishment. In this way, we provide our clients with the essential elements they need to grow.

Beyond analogies, Roots is a digital search marketing firm focused on providing a unified digital marketing service to micro-companies, SMEs and national corporations alike. We offer the full range of digital marketing services – from web design to SEO, AdWords management to Social Media Management.

“Deep marketing ‘roots’ help companies resist the winds of change. We help our clients grow and prosper, whilst increasing their resilience in the face of changing markets. “


We’re Google Certified AdWords campaign managers and experts in squeezing every last bit of ROI from any campaign, large or small. Our graphic designer is a talented creative professional with dozens of successful projects under his belt and our Managing Director is an extensively experienced SEO consultant with a proven track record.

Not to mention our Social Manager, a veteran of dozens of successful social networking campaigns.

We offer credibility, passion and knowledge to all of our clients, across North Devon and beyond.

An integrated strategy

For a given client, we might work on a single element project like a web design, or combine a variety of avenues to create a bespoke marketing strategy to support them for years to come.

We truly understand the world of digital marketing, the filters and facets that Google consider, the impacts of good design and the strategies which can drive a company from obscurity to prominence.

A focus on reputation

Beyond this, we understand that getting in front of clients is not the end of the job. Conversion is crucial and, in the world of online search, that means developing a strong, positive reputation. Our team offers a variety of review campaigns and strategies to achieve this and we’re the first expert reputation company in North Devon.

A committed team

This company is built on the strongly held belief that a happy office is a productive office.

We take pride in working with a smile on our faces and we’d love to turn your marketing into something you can smile about.