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Don’t think you have time for social media? That’s what we’re here for. Blogging, posting, managing and promoting your business through social media.

You understand the importance of a strong social media presence but just haven’t got the time to put to it. You need another day in the week and it’s just not getting the attention it deserves.

Or perhaps you just aren’t getting to grips with it and seem to be spending too much time, without the results to show for it?

The Social Media Movement is forever surging forward – it is the fastest growing marketing tool and, in the right hands, a useful asset offering a variety of benefits.

Lots of people say “I don’t have time for social media” and “I spend all my time doing the work, not talking about it on Facebook or Twitter”. If that sounds like you, we might just be able to help…

The benefits of good social media

Effective Social Media accounts can be business building tools that promote your brand to millions of users, enhance your reach and bring in credible business leads.

They can also be a big drain on time and resources for little reward!

The difference is a good manager, who knows the tips and tricks of the trade. Here are the key benefits that sort of management can bring:

  • Faster account growth
  • Highly-targeted growth
  • Higher quality content
  • More engaged followers
  • Accurate scheduling for maximum exposure
  • Outreach strategies aimed at speaking directly with your potential clients

Some of our largest clients across North Devon have come to us through social media – a good presence can hugely benefit your business and also help mould how your clients see you.

Getting to know you

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Make sure your posts and blogs offer something and are not just thinly veiled advertisements.

We spend the time to understand your company and your brand. Initial consultations are free, so that we can get an insight into what will work best for you and your consumers.

Social Media is very much not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sort of tool. Each of our clients in Bideford, across North Devon and beyond have a bespoke strategy to ensure that we spend our time as effectively as possible.

If a platform won’t work for you, we won’t use it. Crucially, we look closely at your objectives in two categories, summed up below.

“What do you want to promote the most? What’s most valuable to you? Where are you looking to expand? Let’s turn those likes and re-tweets into sales and enquiries.”

That’s Social Media Business Development

“How do you want customers to perceive your brand? What messages do you want to communicate? Are you ‘fun’ or ‘serious’, ‘corporate’ or ‘friendly’?”

That’s Social Media Brand Control

Putting down social roots

Here’s how a management contract usually works:

Social Media Management Bideford Offices

Stage #1:

We agree the objectives, work out how much time you’d like us to put towards the project and get cracking! That might start with a meeting at our offices in Bideford, North Devon, or a telephone call.

Social Media Profile Management - Headers

Stage #2:

Initially, we will spend time ensuring that the ‘roots’ of your accounts are strong. Profile pictures, header images and style are important.

Grow your social media account - likes 2

Stage #3:

Then we will start to rapidly grow your accounts to gain exposure and a targeted following. We’ll use our hard-won knowledge and some nifty tips and tricks to rake in the “followers”.

Social Media Content Creation - writing

Stage #4:

We will then focus more on producing engaging content that is sensitive to your brand message. This typically includes the creation of visual content and graphics to suit the different social media channels.

“Our social media strategies are all about what works for each individual client. We don’t tweet or post randomly – we don’t believe in content for content’s sake. Everything has a reason, a strategy underlying it.”

Katie May Social Media Manager

A Package to Suit Every Budget…

Delivered by genuine professionals and available to firms in Bideford, across North Devon, throughout the South West and beyond.


Covering up to 2 social platforms

£350 pcm

Daily social activity
Tailored social media strategy
Customer first-response
Ongoing account optimisation
£50 Facebook Ad test credit

No set-up fee
No long contract
Guaranteed to boost your following or your money back!


Covering up to 4 social platforms

£495 pcm

Daily social activity
Tailored social media strategy
Customer first-response
Ongoing account optimisation
£100 Facebook Ad test credit

One-time set-up fee of £199
No long contract
Guaranteed to boost your following or your money back!


Bespoke Account Management


Social strategy to fit your KPIs
Graphic Design Services Included
Customer first-response
Social Media as a powerful asset
Competitions and Promotions

Use our expertise to drive product launches, business expansions, event promotions, sales drives and much more.

Reporting & Evidence

In all business, there needs to be a strategy – a reason for investing time and money into Social Media.

So anything that’s done needs to be measureable. We ensure that you have access to regular reporting so that you can see our progress and that we’re following an agreed strategy.

Social Media Management FAQs

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Is there something you’ve always wanted to ask about social media management but were too afraid to ask?

Who in bally hell are Roots Creative?

Good question! We’re a passionate firm of digital marketing professionals based on the beautiful North Devon coast. We love all things digital marketing – from SEO to web design, search advertising to Social Media.

You can read all about us here.

Should we be on single or multiple platforms?

This depends on your budget and your objectives. Different platforms are useful for different things – Twitter is great for rapid growth, Facebook brilliant for engagement, Instagram perfect for targeted audiences and beautiful subject matter.

A good social media manager will sit down with you to work out which ‘tool’ is best for you. That’s where we always start our contracts.

Who provides the tweets and posts?

We do the work, so you don’t have to! That’s all part and parcel of hiring us as your SM managers.

That being said, you are the experts in your own business – so we always value your input. If you have something you want to post, then you can jump on and do so. Equally, it’s useful to get photos and other media content from you whenever you have it.

What does good social content look like?

Whatever your business, the quality of your posts and tweets is crucial. Too much self-promotion will stand in the way of you cultivating an engaged ‘community’ of followers.

We look to achieve the perfect mix of useful, informational content – with a touch of self-promotion thrown in when appropriate. Beyond that, providing value is key and high quality media content is very useful – fuelled by high-end stock libraries and design tools.

What’s the deal with reporting?

We can report formally as often as monthly, depending on the package you’ve chosen. But you can call in to our North Devon office, telephone or email us anytime for an informal report and catch-up.

Social Media can be quite heavy on the statistics, so clear reporting is essential to make sure we’re on the same page. We truly prioritise showing you our progress – if you don’t see the value were adding to your business, you won’t renew our contract! Simple!

What’s with the Facebook advertising component?

Facebook advertising can be a great tool in good hands. To show you the possibilities, we include a small budget at our own expense. We’ll run a test campaign, show you the results and you can decide whether you want to pursue it further.

If you do, we’ll manage your advertising budget within our monthly fee – no extra charge.

How quickly will the work flood in?

Social media is more of a long-game tool. If you want rapid results, you might consider paid search marketing.

Whilst generating new leads can take some time, with our social media management you’ll see tangible benefits within the first month. We’ll work hard to expand your following and impress you with how beautiful your new profiles look.

Thereafter, it’s about solidifying an engaged, relevant following and beginning to convert that (gently) into clients.

If you have any questions, we implore you to contact us. We do like talking about Social Media…