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As of 11.04.16, our website ranked the best in North Devon for optimisation factors. Why trust anyone else with your SEO?

“Good SEO is about achieving the perfect mix of a credible brand, a well built website and great content. These three factors, working together in harmony, should convince Google of your worth as an information provider.”

Simon Jennings
Devon SEO Consultant

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How does Google decide who sits at the top of search results, and what makes a user click on a specific listing?

Modern SEO is about managing, balancing and strengthening the hundreds of diverse factors that make up Google’s search algorithm. It is a constantly changing minefield that really needs an experienced professional to navigate.

Many try to master the art themselves, particularly young business, which is a decision we can completely understand. But take it from us, if that’s the path you have chosen then you are almost certainly underachieving online.

We run our North Devon SEO agency in the knowledge that Google wants to present its users with the most trustworthy, credible brand possible. A company that can provide the most reliable answer to their query.

The old stalwarts of keyword density and placement still matter, but to differentiate yourself and rank for competitive and high-value keywords you need to do more.

Whether you want to break into a new market, or get your local company in front of more potential customers, we have a strategy to suit you – and get results.

Our SEO Process

Our search optimisation process is overseen in all cases by the Managing Director – a professional organic search expert and North Devon SEO consultant with career experience stretching across more than 800 websites. Among myriad other factors, we take care of:

  • Thorough pre-campaign research including keyword identification and competitor analysis
  • On page optimisation, including keyword focus, readability, media utilisation and professional content writing if required
  • On site optimisation, including site load time, canonicalisation, site mapping and rich media content where required
  • Outreach – designed to earn links by utilising content placement with a network of bloggers and website owners
  • Citation procurement – including structured citations on some of the Internet’s most significant platforms and business directories

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SEO consultants often attempt to wrap their services in mystery – hoping the apparent complexity of it all will put off a client from investigating further.

At Roots, we believe in being up front and honest about the strategy we’re working on. You will receive progress reports throughout the campaign, detailing our progress and what’s next.

Integrated Search Engine Marketing Solutions

SEO should not be viewed in isolation. We always recommend that clients consider what we can offer in terms of Google My Business, Online Reputation Management and AdWords campaign management.

The benefits of a multi-channel campaign can be far greater than the sum of the parts.

Have a look at the example (left) to see how we helped a North Devon client achieve total search engine domination.

Your North Devon SEO Consultants

Contact us now to arrange a free consultation – your place or ours. Remember, as an official Google Partner, we’ve passed Google AdWords product certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge.