PPC Set-up & Management

Your North Devon Google Ads Consultants

Adwords - Google's Pay Per Click advertising service

See those listings at the very top of a Google search? That’s Google Ads, Google’s very own PPC advertising service.

In 2017, Google generated $95.38bn (£68bn) in Google Ads revenue.

There’s a reason for that. Google Ads provides a platform through which any business (of any size) can get their name and details in front of a customer who needs their services, right when they need them.

As an experienced PPC Management agency based in beautiful North Devon, we offer campaign management from a certified Google Ads Advisor. Our professionals have undergone rigorous training and taken exams. We ensure the highest quality of service – all of our professionals have a pass score of above 90%.

Our role is to:

  • reduce your PPC campaign costs
  • increase your returns and
  • shed light on what PPC is really generating for your business.

Our service

  • Set-up – This part of the process is crucial. It includes keyword research to make sure only the most relevant customers are targeted. We create ‘ad groups’ to target specific aspects of what you offer and, of course, we create the adverts ourselves. We can get the best out of your adverts – drafting them to be effective, attractive and eye-catching.
  • Monitoring and adjustment – We keep track of your campaign’s success throughout its duration. We make sure that it is always focused on your objectives, whether that’s increasing web traffic or generating genuine business leads. As the campaign progresses, we highlight and close in on the areas generating the best returns.
  • Reporting – We like to keep our clients in the loop. We use clear language to report regularly on our progress and how much of a return your campaign is generating.
  • Bing account management – It’s not only Google Ads our services cover. We have set-up and currently run successful accounts on Bing (Microsoft’s search engine).

“Anyone can set up a Google Ads account and start a campaign, it’s completely free. But the result is usually frustration, coupled with a lot of time spent and a lot of money lost. A trained professional (and Google Partner) can optimise that campaign and achieve the best ROI possible.”

Simon Jennings Google Ads Certified Consultant

Our objectives

  • Maximise your return on investment (ROI)
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Drive genuine clicks that convert at the highest possible level
  • Reveal the value of your PPC campaigns and its conversions
  • Test various campaign focuses and find the perfect area for you to compete in

Make the most of your PPC campaigns

Contact us now to arrange a free consultation at our offices in Bideford, North Devon and we’ll show you how. Remember, as an official Google Partner, we’ve passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge.