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All Elements of Your Online Marketing Covered

Here at Roots Creative, we cover every aspect of our clients’ online strategies – from creating a strong brand, to designing their websites, to driving new traffic through cutting-edge search marketing and social media strategies.

Our service list is a comprehensive combination of search marketing (SEM), social and design specialisms. You can choose from any of the below or sit down for a free consultation with us to see what fits the best:

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine optimisation - North Devon example
A client of ours, now dominating four of the top six results.

SEM is a broad term referring to the practice of promoting a company and/or website by promoting it on what are called “SERPs”, or Search Engine Results Pages. As the search engine Google receives around 80 – 90% of all organic searches, many clients wish to focus their efforts on appearing in a Google search.

Most unusually for a marketing platform, search marketing provides a variety of solutions to promote a particular website. These solutions range from the relatively easy and inexpensive, to the complicated and expert. Here are the three aspects we focus on, with references to Google’s search layout on the left:

  • Google Ads – Google’s advertising platform (top)
  • Google My Business – Google’s business directory (map)
  • Organic search results – Where SEO comes in (below map)

When used in combination, a single company can ‘dominate’ searches – leaving the searcher no option but to click on their link.

The BIG benefit of SEM?

Your ads appear when potential clients are searching for what you do, not when they’re going about their daily lives. That means your conversion rate is much higher – better bang for your buck!

What makes a design effective?

logo concepts - brand image creation
Effective design: your message, clearly communicated.

We take pride in the dual functionality of our designs – they’re beautiful (of course), but they are also carefully thought through. Each communicates the message our clients want to convey; they promote credibility and speak of competence, reliability and modernity.

When it comes to web design, we approach every project from three angles:

  • What will get visitors to the website?
  • How will we turn them into customers when they get there?
  • How can we use the website to keep them?

Our websites are optimised for search engines using the latest techniques and our designs are built to guide a visitor around the site and onto your objective – be that a newsletter sign up, product purchase or first client call.

They aren’t just built for functionality though; we’ve got some beautiful, eye catching designs and we’d love to work on yours.

What can social media do for your business?

Social Media Management Clock Illustration 1
In the right hands, social media can be an effective asset for your business.

In the wrong hands, social media can be the single biggest waste of time you’ll find. In the right hands, it can be a potent, cost-effective weapon.

We believe that effective social media management boils down to three key factors:

  • Establishing a beautiful, credible presence
  • Building an engaged, loyal following
  • Reaching out to potential customers where they are comfortable and relaxed

When those factors are expertly combined, social media can be used to generate new business, retain current customers and build an asset that will support your company for years to come.

Expert social media management doesn’t have to be expensive. We believe it’s worth every penny and so do our clients.

Payment terms that work for you

We provide our services bespoke to suit each particular client, so listing a full fees list on our website is difficult. In all cases though, we offer a monthly payment option at no extra charge:

“We offer monthly payment terms, so that no client has to stump up a lump sum. Everyone should get to experience the benefits of what we can offer.”