Katie May

Like a surgeon, but in an office…

Katie May Portrait
Katie May, Operations Manager. We’d love to tell you more, but it’s classified.
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What can an ambitious business woman do with a first class degree in biology? Well forge a successful career in business development & digital marketing of course!

Creating friendly, productive working relationships with future & current clients is a key part of her role. It’s important to ensure that marketing is not done for marketing’s sake and Katie always approaches matters with the business’ perspective in mind. Understanding a Client’s wants and needs (and the fact that the two aren’t always the same) is key in building these relationships.

When not speaking to potential and current clients, Katie manages the social media team and does so with considerable organisational efficiency. Advertising is a large part of this and maximising ROI is an important target. She deeply understands the need to present a uniformly strong brand image and this carries through social media to all other aspects of marketing.

In her spare time, Katie often returns to the family farm and rolls up her sleeves. Equally at home in wellies as she is in a dress, she is a great believer in the benefits of rural living and has been the driving force behind making Roots the eco-friendly business it strives to be.