Joe Shine

Joe’ll have you debugged and formatted before you can even clear your cache!

Joe Shine - Junior Web Developer
Don’t let Joe’s innocent face lead you in to a false sense of security…
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It was at secondary school that Joe first came to terms with his chronic passion for web development. Attempting to satisfy himself at home through trial and error and dodgy tutorial websites, he knew he needed more. It didn’t take Joe long to choose to further hone these skills with a full-time apprenticeship at Roots Creative. Working closely with our Creative Director Boz and Lead Designer Chris, Joe is a valuable addition to the team.

Joe joined us in early 2018 and has proven to be remarkably quick to learn, eager to please and possesses the great knack of quickly grasping what’s required for the task at hand.

Joe inspects, fixes, writes, publishes, formats, compresses, minifies, tweaks and re-sizes our images and code to help our clients’ websites perform and truly shine (gettit?) online. While fully proficient in HTML and CSS, Joe is delving further into PHP and Javascript as his apprenticeship progresses.

Joe doesn’t admit to having many hobbies outside of work but when he does get some down time he takes a big bowl of noodles to Northam Burrows and watches the sun set over the North Devon coastline.

Update: Joe has finished his apprenticeship and is now a fully fledged Junior Developer!