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Look as good as you are!

Graphic Design - stand out from the crowded marketplace
Customers should be able to find and recognise your designs in a crowded marketplace.

The bottom line is this – once you’ve got your visitors to your website or your flyer is in their hands, how are you going to make sure they pick up the phone and actually call you?

What will convince them to part with their money?

One sure-fire way to increase conversion is to ensure that your design is top-notch. We’re not just talking about a good looking logo, we’re talking about design that leads your audience by the hand from ‘first glimpse’ to ‘order placed’.

We ensure that our clients in North Devon and beyond look good, communicate the right messages and squeeze every bit of value out of their marketing budgets.

Does your image need a make-over?

Our design services

  • Logo Design – communicate your company’s name, business and ethos in one modern, easy to digest logo.
  • Brand Development – consistent branding ensures your company is recognised wherever it goes – online and off.
  • Digital Marketing – eye-catching, attention-grabbing, thought-provoking. From downloadable sales brochures, to animated banner adverts, to online catalogues – we’ve got you covered.
  • Print Marketing – slick, professional and quality desktop publishing and graphic design for all your printed materials. We can help you with your business cards, flyers, posters and catalogues, but that’s not all. If you want something printed to look darn good, talk to us!

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, professional design is vital in today’s market. It’s what makes the phone ring; because someone wants what you offer and they trust you to deliver it.”

Chris “Boz” Harrold Creative Director

Why do you need a designer?

Brand shapes and colours - Graphic Design
Many big brands are recognisable just from a single colour or shape. Consumers like buying into a brand they can trust.

For starters, does your company look like it sells what it sells? Can your audience instinctively tell what you offer without having to read the small print?

In today’s world of low attention spans and ‘swipe next, swipe next’, you can’t afford to mislead.

Can consumers easily digest the information you provide? Is it split up into bite size chunks – not boring, not hard to read? Do your ads draw the eye and stand out on a busy webpage or notice board?

Our design department in picturesque North Devon has a great deal of experience working with big and small companies here and across the UK. We’ll work with you to deliver what your company needs – how it needs it, when it needs it.

Here’s something we made earlier…

We’ve helped many a small (and not-so-small) business with their marketing materials. Scroll on to see!

Careers in Sport Brochure

Careers in Sport provide help to young people looking for a career in sport. They needed our help with their branded brochures and printed materials.

Maëlle Imagine Social Media Management Portfolio Mock 1

Maëlle Imagine is the trading name of local lady Mazz. As one of the South West’s only Maëlle makeup mentors, she asked us to make-over and manage her social media profiles.

South West Work Wear Flyers

South West Workwear admitted they were in urgent need of a re-brand. Along with their new logo and colour scheme, they asked for some new flyers to help spread the word.

Homeleigh Garden Centre Infographic

Homeleigh Garden Centre commissioned this infographic to help sell their large range of Weber barbecues. Price, size and fuel type are listed to help shoppers find their perfect bbq.

Famous British Faces Illustration

Four famous faces from British television. We offer bespoke illustration services to those wanting to add that extra personal touch to their marketing or signage.

Nature and Science Guide Mock

Nature and Science wanted to freshen up their naturopath’s reports and make sure they not only looked great, but were readable and compelling too.

Case Study: Nature & Science

We want to show you how we helped North Devon naturopath Mari turn her hobby business into a professional consultancy, with loyal customers from a wide catchment area.

Our first task was to create the business’ logo and brand. Mari gave us the name of her business, showed us what she does, who she helps and how. Then she told us to get cracking!

Roots Creative Case Study - Nature and Science - Stage 1

Stage #1:

Initial logo concepts are put down on paper. This allows both the shapes and ideas to be loose, organic and free.

At this stage, it doesn’t matter that they aren’t neat, aligned or detailed – it’s the concept itself that need to be recorded for further development.

Illustrations and complex hand-drawn shapes may need to be scanned in to ensure the final logo is true to this original.

Graphic Design - Nature and Science Case Study - Naturopath

Stage #2:

Now we’ve got our super-creative ideas down on paper and are not afraid of forgetting them, we’ll take a look at what’s already out there.

We want to know what other naturopath’s logos look like — not because we want to copy the concept, but because we want to know what the consumer expects and recognises.

What colours, shapes, icons, etc. are already being used to define the market?

Case Study - Nature and Science - Additional Concepts

Stage #3:

Research done, it’s time for some more concepts using what we’ve learnt.

These logo concepts may contain elements of existing concepts to ensure that the logo “looks and feels” like a naturopath’s logo.

For example, consumers may recognise an ‘alternative health’ company by it’s particular shade of green, by any leaf shapes in the logo or by the smooth, curvaceous, almost feminine lines.

Case Study - Nature and Science - Adding Detail

Stage #4:

We’d better show the client before we get too carried away and start heading in the wrong direction!

We sent Mari a shortlist of concepts and she narrowed it down for us, letting us know which she liked the most and which weren’t quite right.

Next, we got to work developing these further, perfecting them and working in some more complex details.

Case Study - Colour Concepts

Stage #5

So far, all the concepts have been greyscale. This ensures the concept is strong enough to stand up on it’s own without colour but also allows us to focus on the shape and layout without too many variations.

We sent Mari a separate document with our proposed colour scheme concepts. Again, these are based on the information from Mari and our own market research.

Once a colour scheme has been settled on, we can work it into our next round of concepts.

Case Study - Final Nature and Science Logo

Stage #6

Once Mari is satisfied her logo is everything it needs to be and accurately represents her business, we can move on to the vital final stage. We’ve now got to save each logo variant in each file format the client requires (and is likely to require) in the future.

Mari also received a document that outlined her colour scheme’s colour values as well as a list of any typefaces used in the design. This mini ‘brand guidelines’ is usually included, but a more comprehensive one can be developed upon request.

There we have it – the entire logo process from humble beginnings to versatile, professional logomark. Our client was pleased – we know this because we shortly received an email from her with the below (great) testimonial!

“You’re a genius… LOVE it!”

Mari Greenwood Instow, North Devon

Our big packages of joy:


Your first logo or a re-imagining of your current, out-dated emblem or trademark.

Stand out from the crowd and subtly communicate your core messages with effective design.



A whole new brand identity, including full log, monogram, slogan, typefaces and colours.

Everything your company needs to look good and convert well, on the web and in print.



Your presence, re-imagined.

A whole new brand and the marketing materials to accompany it. A new website, email footers, business card and flyer designs all included.


Spruce up your marketing materials with a re-design today!

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