Chris “CK” Hatton

Too cool for code school…

Chris Hatton Portrait
You can just about make out the heads up display (HUD) on Chris’ glasses.
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Chris Hatton is the man with the hat on. He’s a super-savy style-conscious web developer with a passion for a hot cup of javascript.

A glance at Chris’ dual-monitor display while passing will reveal two large banks of scrolling code a la The Matrix. If it means anything to you, he’s a specialist in HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Javascript and the man we turn to when we want something to function, and function darn well.

With a degree in both Illustration and Computer Science, we trust Chris not only with our precious precious code, but with the layout, UI and aesthetics of our new projects.

Chris is well travelled, wise and his funky playlists keep the office tapping their feet.

Oh, did we mention he also plays the washboard?